Our Hope

Even at my best, I find it hard to balance work, family and friends without burning out or neglecting some part of my life. Every once in a while things seem to be fine, but I can never keep it going for long. In my gut I know that I should be able to balance everything, but I just can’t—I feel like a bike with a chain that keeps slipping gears.

For me this is why the news about what Jesus did is such a relief. It brings hope to an otherwise hopeless situation. The Bible says that Jesus rolled up his sleeves and went to work fixing broken people like me.

I need Jesus to work on me so that I can function in the way that we all were intended to. If you ask my wife, Jo, she will tell you he isn’t done working on me, but he has made some major progress. We are a messy people whose hope is in a perfect workman. As a new church our goal is to walk with each other as we let Jesus work us.

-Sam, Lead Pastor