Why Pittsburgh & Why Now?

Pittsburgh is a city at the crossroads. The smoggy steel city that once stood at the source of the Ohio River is a thing of the past. Today Pittsburgh is a vibrant technology-driven city, which other industrial cities are now looking to as an example of civic recovery.

While Pittsburgh has many of the amenities of a larger city, the warm and informal atmosphere found in its local neighborhoods means that Pittsburgh feels much more inviting than many other cities. On a summer night you’ll find countless people walking around after dinner at a local restaurant or sitting on their front porch, chatting with each other, sometimes for hours.

Over the last several years much of the city has experienced dramatic changes. Neighborhoods once known for drugs and prostitution, today are boasting vibrant art scenes and revitalized commercial districts.While Pittsburgh is not yet growing like some other undeveloped regions of the country, people are beginning to rediscover the region, and a significant movement is is beginning.

While this much of the city is densely populated and there is major redevelopment occurring, the spiritual vitality is less evident.  A city once know for it’s vibrant faith, is seeing more and more of its houses of worship turned into night clubs and restaurants. Even many financially strong groups  like the mainline protestant and the Roman Catholic Church are in the process of consolidating. Pittsburgh is a city in need of vibrant communities of faith.

The residents of these neighborhoods need local churches that are willing to patiently walk with them as they examine Christ’s claims. They need churches that understands that most people have not grown up with a Christian understanding of life. They need churches where they can continually celebrate his grace as they seek to follow him in every part of their lives.