A Short Update on Prayer and Preaching

New Prayer Time

Starting in October, we are going to make a small shift in how we pray together as a church. Up until now, the only designated prayer time we have had was the first Tuesday of the month at my place. While these were good times of prayer, and Jo and I love opening up our home, I think we can do a better job of regularly praying for each other.
Starting this Sunday, we will carve out half an hour before worship to spend time praying together, at 5:30pm.
If you have something that you would like our church to be praying for, you can send an email to myself or Robbie. We will also include the public requests we get from our worship gatherings. All of these prayers will go out in our weekly email updates. We will also begin including some of these prayers in the hands outs that we make available for our missional communities each week.

Sermon Plans for the Fall

Starting the last Sunday of September, our church is going to be moving into a study of the First Letter from The Apostle Peter. This is a short but incredibly helpful letter sent to the early church. Some of the topics discussed include: being a new people; glorifying God even in our humility; and living out our faith in the midst of our daily life.

This short series will take us up until Advent (the church season that celebrates the coming of Christ). After 1st Peter, the plan is to move into Ruth and then Jonah this winter, and then spend a few months next spring walking through the book of Hebrews.