An Exciting Weekend

We had such a great weekend at Grace & Peace.

For starters there were a few birthday parties for different folks, and while they weren’t official church events they were still a lot of fun. Then, Sunday was a very big day for the church. We took a very big step when I moved from being an Assistant Pastor at City Reformed to being the pastor/church planter at Grace & Peace.

We held the service at a local church building, and it was a really great time to see what God is doing. One of the most amazing and surprising things was that we had around 90 people come out for the service but the acoustics in the room made it sound like well over 200 were present.

Then tonight we had a commitment dinner. This was the first official gathering of the church. We started with dinner together. Then we moved into a time of worship where I preached a short sermon from Isaiah 55 followed by our first celebration of the Lord’s Supper and a discussion of the core group covenants.

I’m very excited to see what is in store for the next few months as we begin to flesh out what a church in Pittsburgh should look like.