Guiding Our Worship


At Grace and Peace, we are constantly trying to have our lives, and our worship, shaped by God’s word. It is our conviction that Elders are accountable for what happens in worship, but that worship isn’t meant to be a performance done by the Elders. This is why we invite members and friends of G&P to participate and lead different parts of our service. In the past, while many have participated, there has been one worship leader, guiding us through the whole service. This person has been the first to greet us and often the last to bless us as we leave. In the past, Robbie or I have been the defacto worship leader. Now that Robbie is transition out, the elders and I have decided that it would not be good for me to be the only one leading from here on out.

This means that going forward we will invite two or three people to guide us through parts of our liturgy.

The rough outline will probably look something like this:
Someone will greet people and make the announcements and they will guide us through the prayer of invitation. Then someone else will read the second scripture passage and guide us through our time of confession. Then after we come back together after our pray and greeting, whoever is preaching will lead the rest of the service. For the next few weeks, this will be a bit of trial and error as we figure out what is the most conducive to our worship together.

Regardless of how many people help facilitate worship, Jesus is the one who leads us into the Father’s presence.

I’m praying that God uses this time to remind us that worship isn’t a performance that earns us favor with God. It’s a gathering of friends and family around what God has done and is doing.

If you have any questions or thoughts; or if you might be interested in helping more with worship, email Sam.