Moving into Hebrews

Starting next weekend, Grace & Peace will begin a 21 week sermon series walking through the book of Hebrews. Hebrews isn’t the longest new testament book, but it probably does hold the record for most Old Testament references and illusions. At Grace and Peace we are committed to interacting with God’s word from a perspective that doesn’t expect anyone to be bible scholar. I’m excited by the fact that this might be some peoples first time engaging with this book. To help everyone get the most of our time in the book of Hebrews we’ve created a common reading guide.

What I’ve done is given you the text for the sermon a week in advance, and I have paired that passage with numerous Old Testament passages which are referenced or alluded to in the sermon text. Ie. the first set of reading is labeled for the week of March 31st, and our first sermon will be on April 7th.

I’d encourage you to include these readings in your private or family devotions. (there are six or seven readings each week). I’d also encourage you to consider how you could study or discuss these readings with members of your missional community.

You can get your hands on the guide in several different ways.
You can download the reader as an epub or pdf. You can read them online (mobile optimized) at Finally we have also printed a limited number of booklets which you can pick up during our worship gatherings.