Sermon Response: Formed by the Gospel

Last night Sam kicked off our latest sermon series on the DNA of Grace and Peace. Over the next few weeks (5 total) Sam will be preaching on what things define us as a spiritual family. Our first core value, that is non-negotiable, is the fact that we are a people “formed by the gospel.”

Gospel literally means ‘good news.’ Biblically speaking the gospel is the good news that even though this world is broken, which is not how God meant it to be, God decided to repair it. But repairing this world was not cheap. In fact this entire concept of “saving” the world is foreign to how we go about life in the first place. You don’t see TV repairmen anymore because it costs too much to simply repair a TV. It’s cheaper to go out and just get a new one. But God ways are different than ours. But the cost to fix this world came with a price – the death of Jesus upon the cross. God made things right through Jesus. But it’s a process. God’s victory is sure and complete in Jesus, but we do not see it fully yet.

Now this good news has implications for life. God is in the business of renewing everything – individuals, communities, societies, and everything. The promise that Sam read last night is: “Behold, I am making all things new.” God is transforming everything, including ourselves. And we have received a role in this work of transformation by ‘joining God in the renewal of all things.’

So consider your own life – how is God at work within you? But also consider your relationships – how is God at work in your friendships, family, and acquaintances? And lastly, you ought to consider how God wants to transform your industry?

Because the good news is this: God loves you and gave himself for you. He cares about everything.