Two Pastors at a Church Plant?

Lots of churches have multiple pastor, but most often they are medium-size churches looking to handle the needs of their local church. Grace & Peace has two pastors, but with a slightly different vision in mind.

Robbie is on staff with us as a Church Planting Resident. While you might not have heard of this term before, I bet everyone gets the idea. Carpenters and Doctors have mechanisms for providing more experience before they set out on their own. This is what we are trying to offer Robbie.

In this way, it might be best not to look at Robbie as another permanent pastor at Grace & Peace but as a pastor temporarily stationed here as a Resident. Over the next three years, Robbie will serve in our church, but his work in our church in to help him develops the skills needed to begin another church plant.

At the start of his time, Robbie will be assisting me around the church and working on assigned projects that will help him think through church planting. Towards the end of his time, he will transition out of regular work in our congregation and will begin focusing on making more detailed plans about where he will plant.

We are so glad to have Robbie serve at our church. Please offer him your prayers and respect. At the same time, keep an eye on the fact that soon we will be sending him out Robbie and Jen as church planters.