The Glory and Authority of Jesus

We continue our journey through the Gospel of John. Today we come to a passage that invites us to examine how we interact with God and his word.  Do we sit above God and his word? Do we take it as nice advice? Or, do we submit to God as his word as being above us? This week Pastor Sam will examine how these questions effect how we look at Jesus and our interaction with Him.

The Gospel (which means “Good New” in Greek) is the story of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. While there are four Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life, John is written from a unique style which is both poetic and profound. Over the next several months Grace & Peace will walking through the Gospel of John.

Note:First, This recording comes from Covenant Community Church. Pastor Sam was invited to preach at Covenant Community Church, and the recording from our gathering was corrupted. Second, we could not record Jan. 29th’s sermon, so the next available sermon is from Feb 5th.