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Introducing Advent (and a Devotional)

I have a love-hate relationship with the holiday season. I love the celebrations, the food, the friends, the family, and the shenanigans that ensues. Yet I hate the hurriedness, the commercials, the guilt-trips, and pushiness. Shopping is not fun, so the celebrate tone of gift-giving has a “you better like this” essence to it. Tis the season I guess…

Wait a moment. Why do I let that season dictate the tone of my life? Consumerism is not healthy nor sustainable.  There is another season within the Christian tradition that is a better alternative – Advent. Advent is a season full of longing, hoping, and expectation. It’s a season that begins on December 1st and ends on Christmas Day. It is a season that asks of us, ‘what do you really, truly want in the depths of your being?’ Advent is a season where we find that God supplies more than we could every truly want in his Son Jesus Christ. It is a season that says there is more to this life than right now.

So this Advent season, consider ‘what do you truly want?’

To aid you in this introspective quest, we’ve made a devotional reader to be a guide for you. And it is something that we can go through together, where you can share your individual insights, so that we can learn from each other. The devotional begins on Sunday, December 1st and ends on Christmas Day, December 25th.

Here are the link/title for the reader: Final Advent Devotional. (It is a pdf.)

If you want an e-book, compatible with ibooks, just email Robbie.