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Sermon Recap: Moses and the Weakness of Leadership

Sam, this past Sunday, kicked off a new sermon series on leadership. He is laying the foundation for our leadership training which begins Sunday, January 19th. Thankfully leadership is something that we all grasp and understand. Leaders surround us – at work, in school, our communities and families, and our government. Yet, All of us can think of failed leaders. And, perhaps, some of you have read books on leadership.

We need to ask a question: How does the Bible shape and challenge our understanding of leadership?

Sam started with the major biblical figure of Moses. Moses is the central prophetic figure in the Old Testament; he wrote the first five books of the bible; and he led the Israelites out of Egypt during the first exodus. To put it mildly, Moses is a big deal. But he had a problem – he could not speak clearly. Maybe he had a speech disorder or impediment. Perhaps he just lacked the “Steve Jobs” showmanship that Egypt required.

We want our leaders to be scandal-free, to have a clean record and just, and put-together. If that is the case, spiritually speaking, then no one can be leaders. Brokenness and estrangement is pervasive in our families and communities. Yet there is a wonderful redemptive element here in Moses’ story. God provides a speaker for him, Aaron. Aaron is going to be Moses’ lieutenant who speaks for him. God helps and sustains Moses by providing for him.

God does the same for us. He cares and provides for us through Jesus’ completed work upon the cross and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. God cares for his church by raising up leaders. These leaders have baggage in their past and they are not scandal free. Instead they are made whole by God. It is through these men that God cares for his church.