Who is Jesus?

Jesus is a lot of things to a lot of people—he is my homeboy, he is “alright with me,” he is what I say when I stub my toe, he is a good candidate for the presidency, he is an easy cultural target, he is a surfer that is pictured in the homes of old catholic ladies. There probably hasn’t been anyone else in the history of the world who has affected so many people in so many different ways.  People have fought for him, they have relocated for him, they have bled for him, and they have died for him.  Yet 2,000 years after his birth many of us really don’t understand him. He is kind of like the musician whom we have heard of, but haven’t ever listened to. It might be cool to throw his name around with certain people, but we’ve never heard any of his stuff.

It’s like we’ve heard of him but we haven’t heard him.

If it’s any consolation, people in Jesus’s day were confused about who exactly Jesus was too. Some people though he was the reincarnation of Moses, others thought he was a rebellious young teacher in need of correction. Some people saw him simply as a caring social leader focusing most of his time on caring for sick kids and outcasts. Others saw him as dangerous—someone who needed to be silenced. What we learn from history is that how people saw Jesus mattered a lot, and the interesting thing is that figuring Jesus out is just as important today.

Sure, we can pretend as if it doesn’t matter, but if he was who he said he was (the doctor for the spiritually sick, the source of spiritual life, the light in a dark world, even the way to God), then the way we see Jesus matters as much as the next breath of air we take in.

The people that make up Grace & Peace Church are many things: we are artists and accountants, mothers and fathers, slackers and work-a-holics, but above all else we are followers of Jesus.

We invite you to walk with us as we follow him.