Worship Times and Location

We worship together at 5450 Friendship Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232 (Fourth Pres)–4pm on Sundays.


Coming to together to worship God, is a practice that is as old as the Christian faith. We gather Sunday afternoons at 4pm for a time of singing, praying, teaching and fellowship with God and other people who also want to better know God.

Worship Location

What to Expect

Our worship gathering features a variety of different elements all designed to center our focus and affections around the person of Jesus Christ. We follow a pattern that could be seen as “liturgical”, but at the same time we make sure that we explain our worship practices on a regular basis.

We are a small church and our worship services are facilitated by a both a song leader and service leader who guide participants through our worship.

As far as dress is concerned, Grace & Peace has no dress code. Most people dress casually.

Kids @ Grace & Peace

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We love kids and are excited when they come to our gatherings. We have taken many steps to help children participate as much as they can in our worship gatherings including:

  • Simplifying the reading in the service
  • Inviting kids to include prayer requests during our offering
  • Providing song training material for parents or guardians
  • Picking monthly songs so that kids can become more familiar with them

While we provide a nursery for the benefit of the children and their guardians, this doesn’t mean that we aren’t happy to see kids of all ages staying for the whole gathering. It’s up to each family to decide how their kids will participate in worship.

For Infants and Toddlers (Ages 0-3)
We offer a nursery, overseen by qualified adults. We ask that each parent or guardian sign all children in, and out.

For Young Children (Ages 4 & 5)
While the preacher intentionally tries to speak to everyone, we understand that young children might find the sermon a bit too difficult. Because of this 4 & 5 year olds may leave before the sermon for a snack and story time, and then rejoin us as we end our gathering with singing and the Lord’s Supper. If guardians find that their 4 or 5 year olds need to use the nursery before the snack and story time, we leave that to their discretion